03 December 2013

Knitts, icebergs and chocolate

I haven't been sleeping well recently. Also going to bed before 2 am hasn't been taking place much as well. It's already past 3.30 and I'm still up and running. Seemed like a perfect time to drop by my blog and update it a bit! 

a pretty iceberg showed up in front of Harpa concert hall during Iceland Airwaves in November
Spinach home-made pizza sauce turned out fantastic, some of my experiments amaze me!
finished knitting my gloves, just in time for the first snow
Christmas tree at Austurvollur.
Three of twelve Icelandic Santa Clauses were keeping everyone warm making us move and jump!
Trying to find a good quality chocolate advent calendar turned out to be a mission impossible. I had to be more creative and look for a 24-pieces box. Found it on Laugavegur :)
After lifting the first one, it turned out that these 8 flavours are repeating themselves, so that not each praline is different, but they are soooo good!
This afternoon behind the wheel, and snow is back in Reykjavik!
Do następnego, sjáumst!


  1. Dopiero co odkryłam twojego bloga ale wydaje się bardzo interesujący :> Islandia jest moim celem podróżniczym już od jakiegoś czasu, a twój blog tylko zachęcił mnie bardziej do poznania tego kraju :>

    1. W takim razie życzę Ci abyś Islandię w niedalekiej przyszłości odwiedziła :) Oraz witam na blogu. Pozdrawiam!